Why are my clips out of sync when I open the XML in Multicam Lite?

There are three possible reasons - Firstly subclips are not supported in Multicam Lite so press Command-A to select all the clips in the sequence then choose Modify > Remove Subclip Limits before you export to XML.

Secondly if you have .dv stream files in your sequence then these will not work correctly in Multicam Lite which is designed to work with movies captured in Final Cut Pro. You should use QuickTime Player to export the .dv stream to a QuickTime movie before placing it in a sequence.

Finally, Multicam Lite doesn't handle source clips with 29.97fps non-drop frame timecode. A workaround is to select the source clip(s) in the FCP Browser then choose Modify > Timecode and change the timecode format to Drop Frame. Then re-export the sequence to an XML file for Multicam Lite.

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