• "Great products, great company... and all with the personal touch. I have bought quite a few Digital Heaven plug-ins as well as Multicam Lite and love them to bits! I'm never too far from a visit to their site to see what's cooking."

    Matt McArdle
    Contraband Candy

  • "BigTime and DH_Subtitle are easy to install and use and are elegant, time-saving additions to our FCP arsenal - brilliant!"

    Mark Slocombe
    CreationVideo Ltd

  • "I can't imagine approaching a digital editing project without DH_WhipPan. It's a completely perfect transition. And I'm a lawyer, so you can trust me."

    Ira Harris Grolman
    Donahue Grolman & Earle

  • "You guys rock! The plug-ins have me breathing giant sighs of relief. I have hours upon hours of experience hand-creating countdown clocks and ‘24’ style video boxes, etc. so I can really appreciate what you've added to FCP. Keep up the good work... give me more!”

    Liz Smith
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • "Loader is by far the most useful FCP plugin we have...a HUGE time saver. And it's even better now that I can import directly to the project bin…Great job!"

    Jason Kalinoski

  • "I am a great fan of BigTime which I use for in-bay screening."

    Sjon Ueckert

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