• "DH_Subtitle is an example of a great plug-in - it does everything I want perfectly, and if it tried to be cleverer, it wouldn't be perfect. But more to the point, I'd forgotten it wasn't built into Final Cut Pro."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

  • "As well as many other plug-ins, these folks make editing tools that make my life easier and helps me become more creative. Thanks so much."

  • "It keeps me sane in the bizarre world of 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3 with proper title safe guides rather than some US-centric rule of thumb."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

  • "DH_Box punches above its weight."

    Jon Hiseman
    Temple Music

  • "I have been waiting on something like Loader for a long time. What a pain it used to be - importing music from iTunes to Final Cut Pro... And now, drag and drop, perfect. Plus you will never erase songs by accident anymore as Loader copies them to an separate file."

    Philipp Hampl

  • “When I send QuickTime files with embedded timecode to producers, they appreciate Pro Player's nice big timecode number as a reference. JKL control over playback makes it easy to locate specific areas that might be problematic such as flash frames, black frames or anything that might need blurring.”

    Shane Ross

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