• "I've just purchased your DH_Reincarnation plug-in and it's the best tenner I've ever spent! I'm just in the middle of onlining a Gorillaz live gig in HD and one of our cameras had lost a number of pixels which I was fixing very painfully. You've saved me hours of work.

    Many thanks!"

    Jerry Chater
    London, UK

  • "The plug-in is fantastic - it took 5 mins to learn how to use and within 15 mins of re-rendering ALL of the dead pixel evidence was gone. Simply brilliant - I can't thank you enough."

    Toby Cross

  • "DH_Box helped me tremendously with all the split-screens for an instructional climbing DVD. It's incredible value, thanks a lot guys!"

    Udo Neumann
    udini mediaworks

  • "This is a great plug-in that works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro. Dead pixels are horrible. When I first discovered my two dead pixels all I could think of was, "I'm doomed my camera is ruined". I shoot mostly weddings and in a dark atmosphere, those two white pixels stood out like sore thumbs. DH_Reincarnation takes care of them all. Just be prepared, when used with interlaced video, or shaky movement shots, the reincarnated spots can blur lines, facial features. But it is definitely better than the alternative. A white spot on some ones face. And with HD baring down, there's no hiding."

  • "All Digital Heaven products are rock solid, but more importantly they are relevant and are put to use in practically every edit session"

    David Jolosky
    David Jolosky Visual Communications

  • "Great products, great company... and all with the personal touch. I have bought quite a few Digital Heaven plug-ins as well as Multicam Lite and love them to bits! I'm never too far from a visit to their site to see what's cooking."

    Matt McArdle
    Contraband Candy

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