• "You guys rock! The plug-ins have me breathing giant sighs of relief. I have hours upon hours of experience hand-creating countdown clocks and ‘24’ style video boxes, etc. so I can really appreciate what you've added to FCP. Keep up the good work... give me more!”

    Liz Smith
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • “Very happy with your product. I was having spin down problems with an external Toshiba drive used as a 'Time Machine' storage disk, and your software seems to have solved it perfectly.  A real bargain and I'm glad to recommend it to my associates.

    George Forsythe
    Landenberg, PA

  • "Digital Heaven's products have saved me hours of extra work. I really like all of them that I have. They are reasonably priced and all very useful."

    Benny Christensen
    Producers Playhouse

  • "BigTime and DH_Subtitle are easy to install and use and are elegant, time-saving additions to our FCP arsenal - brilliant!"

    Mark Slocombe
    CreationVideo Ltd

  • "Transition effects can be like toilet paper. You don't really want to think about why you need them, but when you do... DH_WhipPan has glued together too many oddly juxtaposed scenes I care to think of. Thanks for being quilty-soft and super absorbent."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

  • Pro Player is a brilliant application, I now use it for all client presentations and it’s the default QuickTime player for our own previews. The settings and controls for playback are comprehensive and very well thought out.”

    Hamdani Milas
    Producer/Director, Milas Film Productions, Hong Kong

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