• "Digital Heaven's products have saved me hours of extra work. I really like all of them that I have. They are reasonably priced and all very useful."

    Benny Christensen
    Producers Playhouse

  • Pro Player has been great for reviewing renders with precision and ease.

    Paul Conigliaro
    Motion Designer and Editor

  • "With text point sizes varying from font to font, its reassuring to know I can use any font and be sure my legal riders will meet the broadcaster's specs....thanks Digital Heaven!!"

    Adam Taylor
    Character Options

  • "Get DH-Box. It's simple to use and tremendously effective. It has proved invaluable and easily paid for itself on the first project. Recommended without hesitation!"

    Emlyn  Harris
    Dead Interesting Productions

  • "I've just bought your DH_Reincarnation plug-in and I have to say it is by far the very best pixel-fixer available on the face of the planet for Final Cut Pro. I've tried other methods but your plug-in is a lifesaver. Thanks a lot guys!"

    Nigel Cooper
    DVuser Magazine

  • "DH_Subtitle is an example of a great plug-in - it does everything I want perfectly, and if it tried to be cleverer, it wouldn't be perfect. But more to the point, I'd forgotten it wasn't built into Final Cut Pro."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

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