• “When I send QuickTime files with embedded timecode to producers, they appreciate Pro Player's nice big timecode number as a reference. JKL control over playback makes it easy to locate specific areas that might be problematic such as flash frames, black frames or anything that might need blurring.”

    Shane Ross

  • "This is a great plug-in that works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro. Dead pixels are horrible. When I first discovered my two dead pixels all I could think of was, "I'm doomed my camera is ruined". I shoot mostly weddings and in a dark atmosphere, those two white pixels stood out like sore thumbs. DH_Reincarnation takes care of them all. Just be prepared, when used with interlaced video, or shaky movement shots, the reincarnated spots can blur lines, facial features. But it is definitely better than the alternative. A white spot on some ones face. And with HD baring down, there's no hiding."

  • "I’ve spent 20 years logging tape the old fashioned, wood burning way. Type, stop, pause, type, punch in the time code...repeat. MovieLogger just removed 90% of the headache. I still have to type verbatim logs – but Movielogger does the rest. Outstanding, timesaving, tremendously useful program. It does what no other program can do."

    Andy Field
    ABC News/FieldVision Productions

  • "From way back in the days of videotape, I have looked for a good way to transcribe interviews and dialog from video. I have tried a large number of setups and other software, but the chore was always a pain.

    Until I found out about MovieLogger. I have used it since it first came out, in every place I have been, and it just works. I have literally trained assistants to use it in 5 minutes. Just a few basic commands, and you are working. It doesn't get much better."

    Claes Jonasson
    Film & Company LLC

  • "Digital Heaven's products have saved me hours of extra work. I really like all of them that I have. They are reasonably priced and all very useful."

    Benny Christensen
    Producers Playhouse

  • "DH_Box helped me tremendously with all the split-screens for an instructional climbing DVD. It's incredible value, thanks a lot guys!"

    Udo Neumann
    udini mediaworks

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