• "You cannot believe how happy I am to have discovered your website and downloaded the DH_Counter plug-in. I've been looking to buy one for months now and the best I could find without leaving me poor and hungry for a week would have been part of a costly bundle."

    Adam Loretz
    Wiltshire, UK

  • “When I send QuickTime files with embedded timecode to producers, they appreciate Pro Player's nice big timecode number as a reference. JKL control over playback makes it easy to locate specific areas that might be problematic such as flash frames, black frames or anything that might need blurring.”

    Shane Ross

  • “Very happy with your product. I was having spin down problems with an external Toshiba drive used as a 'Time Machine' storage disk, and your software seems to have solved it perfectly.  A real bargain and I'm glad to recommend it to my associates.

    George Forsythe
    Landenberg, PA

  • "BigTime and DH_Subtitle are easy to install and use and are elegant, time-saving additions to our FCP arsenal - brilliant!"

    Mark Slocombe
    CreationVideo Ltd

  • "It keeps me sane in the bizarre world of 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3 with proper title safe guides rather than some US-centric rule of thumb."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

  • "I've been using BigTime for the past year or so and my clients and I love the fact that we can follow the timecode on my monitor without going blind..! It's a great app; very reasonably priced and just the sort of thing that fills up that void in Final Cut Pro."

    David Gaudio
    Canted Angle, Inc.

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