• "Transition effects can be like toilet paper. You don't really want to think about why you need them, but when you do... DH_WhipPan has glued together too many oddly juxtaposed scenes I care to think of. Thanks for being quilty-soft and super absorbent."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

  • "DH_Subtitle 2.5 has given me all of the control over the subtitles that I've been looking for in 10 years while working on Final Cut Pro. I am doing videos in African villages so my titles are sometimes a little bit longer than most people's, and trying to manage those without version 2.5 was very difficult. You really have done a superb job."

    Christopher D. Roy
    The University of Iowa

  • "All Digital Heaven products are rock solid, but more importantly they are relevant and are put to use in practically every edit session"

    David Jolosky
    David Jolosky Visual Communications

  • "I have to say I LOVE DH_ReincarnationX!!! I'm currently working on a video that has 360 clips with 2 hot pixels visible in almost ALL of them...your plug-in will save me SO much time!"

    Ron Konefal
    Sonic River Media

  • "From way back in the days of videotape, I have looked for a good way to transcribe interviews and dialog from video. I have tried a large number of setups and other software, but the chore was always a pain.

    Until I found out about MovieLogger. I have used it since it first came out, in every place I have been, and it just works. I have literally trained assistants to use it in 5 minutes. Just a few basic commands, and you are working. It doesn't get much better."

    Claes Jonasson
    Film & Company LLC

  • "Just finished a feature doc called 'Happiness Is' with 187 hours of raw footage (the kitchen sink was the only thing the Director didn't shoot). MovieLogger actually saved the Director's life, because, as the Editor, I would have killed him if I hadn't been able to save a lot of time in logging the footage using MovieLogger."

    Sjon Ueckert

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