• "AutoMotion is still one of the best productivity apps for motion graphics on the planet!"

    David Jolosky
    David Jolosky Visual Communications

  • "I made good use of DH_Counter on an instructional climbing DVD. It's incredible value, thanks a lot guys!"

    Udo Neumann
    udini mediaworks

  • "This is a great plug-in that works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro. Dead pixels are horrible. When I first discovered my two dead pixels all I could think of was, "I'm doomed my camera is ruined". I shoot mostly weddings and in a dark atmosphere, those two white pixels stood out like sore thumbs. DH_Reincarnation takes care of them all. Just be prepared, when used with interlaced video, or shaky movement shots, the reincarnated spots can blur lines, facial features. But it is definitely better than the alternative. A white spot on some ones face. And with HD baring down, there's no hiding."

  • "I've just purchased your DH_Reincarnation plug-in and it's the best tenner I've ever spent! I'm just in the middle of onlining a Gorillaz live gig in HD and one of our cameras had lost a number of pixels which I was fixing very painfully. You've saved me hours of work.

    Many thanks!"

    Jerry Chater
    London, UK

  • "It keeps me sane in the bizarre world of 16:9, 14:9 and 4:3 with proper title safe guides rather than some US-centric rule of thumb."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

  • “I downloaded your DH_Subtitle plug-in and am very pleased to now be able to add many pages of text with such ease - a great product.”

    Peter Robertson
    m2v video productions

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