• "As well as many other plug-ins, these folks make editing tools that make my life easier and helps me become more creative. Thanks so much."

  • "Loader is by far the most useful FCP plugin we have...a HUGE time saver. And it's even better now that I can import directly to the project bin…Great job!"

    Jason Kalinoski

  • "Thank you, this plugin saved my life."

  • "DH_Box punches above its weight."

    Jon Hiseman
    Temple Music

  • "I recently worked on a 30 second commercial with a serious deadline. The director wanted a few split screens in the commercial in order to make all the content fit into 30 seconds. Seeing how much time I was spending on doing this split screen in After Effects, I jumped on the net to see if I could find a plug in that could do this a bit faster for me. After reading a few articles about DH_Box and finding out it was only $20, I quickly purchased the plug-in and downloaded it. I could use real time playback and it was very simple to use. I watched the online tutorial and was up and running in about 10 minutes. Within half hour I had a few versions to show the director, he was quite happy with the results."

    Roberto Lopez

  • "I've just bought your DH_Reincarnation plug-in and I have to say it is by far the very best pixel-fixer available on the face of the planet for Final Cut Pro. I've tried other methods but your plug-in is a lifesaver. Thanks a lot guys!"

    Nigel Cooper
    DVuser Magazine

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