• "I have been waiting on something like Loader for a long time. What a pain it used to be - importing music from iTunes to Final Cut Pro... And now, drag and drop, perfect. Plus you will never erase songs by accident anymore as Loader copies them to an separate file."

    Philipp Hampl

  • "I love using Final Print. Working with an editing team, I often use Final Print to go over the next round of edits. Rather than having to sit in front of the editing deck and go over things frame by frame, I set the markers and take advantage of the illustrated set of edit points. We can even mark up the page further after we print it out. Thanks for increasing the efficiency of our teamwork."

    Sanford Lewis
    Producer, Strategic Video

  • "Just finished a feature doc called 'Happiness Is' with 187 hours of raw footage (the kitchen sink was the only thing the Director didn't shoot). MovieLogger actually saved the Director's life, because, as the Editor, I would have killed him if I hadn't been able to save a lot of time in logging the footage using MovieLogger."

    Sjon Ueckert

  • "Digital Heaven's products have saved me hours of extra work. I really like all of them that I have. They are reasonably priced and all very useful."

    Benny Christensen
    Producers Playhouse

  • "Love the great look and ease of use of your Final Cut Pro plug-ins - good value and breaking them into separate units make it easier to buy just what you need at the right price! Thanks and keep up the good work."

  • "DH_Box punches above its weight."

    Jon Hiseman
    Temple Music

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