• "I recently worked on a 30 second commercial with a serious deadline. The director wanted a few split screens in the commercial in order to make all the content fit into 30 seconds. Seeing how much time I was spending on doing this split screen in After Effects, I jumped on the net to see if I could find a plug in that could do this a bit faster for me. After reading a few articles about DH_Box and finding out it was only $20, I quickly purchased the plug-in and downloaded it. I could use real time playback and it was very simple to use. I watched the online tutorial and was up and running in about 10 minutes. Within half hour I had a few versions to show the director, he was quite happy with the results."

    Roberto Lopez

  • "I’ve spent 20 years logging tape the old fashioned, wood burning way. Type, stop, pause, type, punch in the time code...repeat. MovieLogger just removed 90% of the headache. I still have to type verbatim logs – but Movielogger does the rest. Outstanding, timesaving, tremendously useful program. It does what no other program can do."

    Andy Field
    ABC News/FieldVision Productions

  • "As well as many other plug-ins, these folks make editing tools that make my life easier and helps me become more creative. Thanks so much."

  • "I just wanted to say what a brilliant plug-in DH_Dropout is. I work a lot with Beta SP tapes and the number of hits drives me crazy. Today I was onlining a one hour show that had a number of dropouts and very little time to finish. I thought I'd give your plug-in a try and I couldn't believe how easy it was to fix the problem frames. I easily saved myself a lot more than $10 in wasted time. I'd say every editor needs this in their toolbox."

    Vince Sanchez
    Santa Cruz, California

  • "Having recently shot three short films on a camera with mutiple dead pixels I was pulling my hair out trying to mask them, crop them and any other technique possible to make them just go away and leave me alone! Nothing worked until I heard about DH_Reincarnation and that worked perfectly, quick, straight forward and exceptionally good at what it does. It's a lifesaver!"

  • "Thank you for allowing creativity to spring by offering extremely practical and affordable tools that achieve today's most sought after visual effects. Digital Heaven delivers great features for the cost and has raised the standard of the general video editor's community."

    Enzo Treppa
    Executive Producer
    StreamCorp LLC

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