• "Digital Heaven products show amazing innovation and an acute understanding of what is needed to save time and produce ever more creative movies. Keep up the good work guys!"

    Philip Morley

  • "It is such a timesaver to have clients watch the show and take notes from the BigTime window. Without BigTime, I would have to sit there and call out timecodes on request. Plus, it's just a relief for my 50-something-year-old eyes! Terrific product!"

    Chris Poisson

  • Pro Player has been great for reviewing renders with precision and ease.

    Paul Conigliaro
    Motion Designer and Editor

  • "This is a great plug-in that works seamlessly with Final Cut Pro. Dead pixels are horrible. When I first discovered my two dead pixels all I could think of was, "I'm doomed my camera is ruined". I shoot mostly weddings and in a dark atmosphere, those two white pixels stood out like sore thumbs. DH_Reincarnation takes care of them all. Just be prepared, when used with interlaced video, or shaky movement shots, the reincarnated spots can blur lines, facial features. But it is definitely better than the alternative. A white spot on some ones face. And with HD baring down, there's no hiding."

  • Finally a player on the Mac with JKL scrubbing and perfectly suited to client viewing and fullscreen playout for live situations. Ideal for professionals who need more functionality than the standard QuickTime player offers.”

    Rick Young
    Founder, UK Final Cut User Group

  • "Transition effects can be like toilet paper. You don't really want to think about why you need them, but when you do... DH_WhipPan has glued together too many oddly juxtaposed scenes I care to think of. Thanks for being quilty-soft and super absorbent."

    Matt Davis
    MDMA Ltd

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