Known Issues

  • Dragging Audio CD track from iTunes 10 causes Loader to crash

    iTunes 10 and 10.0.1 broke the drag and drop of Audio CD tracks to other applications and this affects Loader. Apple have fixed the issue in iTunes 10.1 so please upgrade to that version.

  • Playhead, timecode display and audio meters may fail to update after dropping a CD track from iTunes

    When dropping a track from iTunes onto Loader and double-clicking it in the Browser, the playhead, timecode display and audio meters may fail to update during playback. This is a bug with Final Cut Pro which occurs when an iTunes CD track is moved over the Final Cut Pro interface.

    The workaround is to open the clip by dragging it from the Browser to the Viewer. This prevents the issue from happening and the same method can be used to 'reset' Final Cut Pro if the elements aren't updating.

    The bug has been reported to Apple.

  • Renaming track from CD doesn't work

    Unfortunately if you rename a track from a live CD, Loader will not be able to convert and import the track. This is because iTunes doesn't offer enough information to be able to match the track in iTunes to the file on the CD. We have filed a feature request with Apple for the track number data to be made available from an iTunes drag.

  • UnsupportedFormatException error on launch

    We've discovered a problem that can occur if a user account is migrated from a PowerPC system to an Intel system. This causes an "UnsupportedFormatException" error message to be shown when Loader is launched.

    The issue is fixed in the Loader 2.0.3 release.

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