Playback of the cameras is jerky and unresponsive, is there anything that can be done to improve performance?

First thing to check is whether your Mac has options for Processor Performance. This can be found by going to System Preferences > Energy Saver and selecting the Options tab. Set the Processor Performance to Highest to ensure the smoothest playback in Multicam Lite.

Multicam Lite’s ability to play multiple movies in sync and cut between them is highly taxing on the Mac’s processor(s). For example, we’ve found a 1.5Ghz G4 PowerBook works fine for two cameras in DV codec but three cameras becomes jerky and slow. We therefore strongly recommend Multicam Lite is run on a dual processor machine (preferably a G5).

If this is not possible then there is another option - working in OfflineRT (PhotoJPEG) codec is far less taxing than DV and you should be able to run three cameras on most modern Macs. Download a factsheet from the Multicam Lite support page.

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