MovieLogger is a text-based logging application for QuickTime movies which is so simple to use that anyone can be up and logging in five minutes.




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  • "Just finished a feature doc called 'Happiness Is' with 187 hours of raw footage (the kitchen sink was the only thing the Director didn't shoot). MovieLogger actually saved the Director's life, because, as the Editor, I would have killed him if I hadn't been able to save a lot of time in logging the footage using MovieLogger."

    Sjon Ueckert


Clean and Simple Interface

MovieLoggers's elegant and uncluttered interface is designed for speed and simplicity. Up to 16 movies can be imported into a MovieLogger project and selected from the movie library for logging.

Movies can be viewed in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio and there's a current timecode and reel name display. Full transport control (including JKL) is available from the keyboard at all times and a "Jump Back" feature gives you instant rewind in case you miss something.

Get Logging

Logs are created by marking the in (and optional out) timecode with a single click/keypress and entering a text description. Each log appears in the timecode-ordered list and clicking on a log will locate the movie to the corresponding in point.

A movie's logs can be exported to Final Cut Pro’s XML file format (clip markers are automatically created from logs) or to Rich Text Format (RTF) for further text editing or printing.

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Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro 4.1 -7.0.3

We recommend you download and use the trial version to test MovieLogger's compatibility with your system before purchasing.

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