Loader is the smarter way to import music, sound effects, graphics and movies into Final Cut Pro.

New in Loader 2.x

  • - Option to set the Final Cut Pro destination for imported items - Named Bin* (where new items get added to an existing bin), Timestamped Bin or Top Level of Project.
  • - Option to convert all audio files to a common specification, regardless of original format.
  • - Audio conversion settings for sample rate, bit depth and number of channels.
  • - If the Command key is held when dropping items on the Loader window then the original file is moved to the trash.
  • - Significantly faster copying and conversion of CD Audio tracks.

* Named Bin option is only available when running Final Cut Pro 7 (or later)



  • "For me (and I suspect most Final Cut Pro professionals), Digital Heaven's apps and plug-ins are 'no-brainers'. From essential freeware to 'must-haves' like BigTime and Loader, I wouldn't want to go back to editing without them. Plug-ins such as DH_Subtitle, DH_Reincarnation and DH_LegalText pay for themselves within the first few hours of use. Last but not least, the videos are full of hints and tips that help make FCP even better to use. I'm a fan...but with good reason!"

    Jason Porthouse


Simply drag items from iTunes or the Finder over the Loader tab and it slides out to reveal a list of currently open Final Cut Pro projects. Drop the items onto the desired project and Loader first copies the files to a dedicated folder then imports the copied files into Final Cut Pro.

Loader makes importing easy, fast and organised so you can spend time on editing rather than managing files.

Drag, Drop, Done.

Loader is smart because you only need to choose the media destination folder on the first drop. After that, the destination folder is linked to the project making importing even faster and reducing the chance of misplaced media. If you've ever moved a project to another system and had problems with missing source files, you'll appreciate the way that Loader keeps imported media together in a single folder.

Escape from mp3 (...and other audio formats)

Some types of audio formats don't play very well with Final Cut Pro so if you drop an mp3, AAC or Core Audio Format (.caf) file onto Loader then it will automatically convert it to an AIF file. Say goodbye to the beep-beep-beeps from the days of unrendered audio.

You can never be too organised

Loader automatically sorts copied files into subfolders inside the destination folder for each project. For example, .aif, .aiff, .bwf and .wav files will be copied into a folder named DestinationFolder/Audio. Loader comes with default settings for Audio, Graphics and Movies subfolders and you can edit the settings to suit your particular needs. If you're using the 'Named Bin' option with Final Cut Pro 7 (or later) then copied files will be sent to the bin that matches the subfolder name. 

Try Loader for yourself

You're just a few minutes away from easier, faster and more streamlined imports into your Final Cut Pro projects. Download Loader now and enjoy a 14-day fully featured trial. You can purchase at any time, either from within the application or from our web store on this site.

Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 - 7.0.3

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