How do I update to the latest version? (plug-ins)

For most current FCP4-7 plug-ins, minor software updates are free. The exceptions are DH_Counter 2.0, DH_Reincarnation 2.0 and DH_Subtitle 2.0 which are a free upgrade for customers that bought within 30 days of release. Customers who bought DH_Counter 1.x, DH_Reincarnation 1.x or DH_Subtitle 1.x before this time will need to re-purchase to get the latest version.

When a new version of a plug-in is released as a free update, we will automatically email the software to existing customers. If you do not receive the plug-in, please contact us.

The installation process is simple:

  1. Delete the existing plug-in file.
  2. Install the new version.

Please note that due to limitations in Final Cut Pro, sequences which use the old version of the plug-in will not use the new version. If you wish to use the new version on existing sequences then it would need to be applied manually.

Where applicable, all prices exclude sales tax or VAT.