How do I install FCPX effects for all user accounts on a system?

By default, FCPX effects are installed in the following location:

~/Movies/Motion Templates.localized/<TYPE>.localized/Digital Heaven

To make these files accessible by all users on the system they will need to be moved to:

/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Templates.localized/<TYPE>.localized/Digital Heaven

For example, you would copy

~/Movies/Motion Templates.localized/Transitions.localized/Digital Heaven/DH_Flare

/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro/Templates.localized/Transitions.localized/Digital Heaven/DH_Flare

NOTE: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion does not give admin users permission to /Library so you will need to set your permission to "Read & Write" before the files can be moved to this location. Then change permission back to "Read only"

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