How do I activate the software?

All Digital Heaven applications purchased directly from us (not the Mac App Store) require activation through our partner eSellerate before they can be used as a full version. The activation process is easiest if your system has an internet connection and slightly more complicated if it doesn't. This article covers both scenarios.

After installation, double-click the application icon to launch.

For Pro Player, a serial number panel will be displayed on launch.

For Loader, you should choose the Help > Enter Serial Number menu.

For AutoMotion, BigTime, Final Print and MovieLogger, a welcome window will be displayed.

How to activate - screenshot 1

Enter the serial number supplied and click the Enter button.

NOTE: To reduce the chance of errors, serial numbers may contain the numbers 0 and 1 but never contain the letters O and I.

If your system has an internet connection, the application will contact eSellerate's servers. If the activation is successful then the application's splash screen will be displayed. The serial number is stored in the following file:

Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Digital Heaven/App-Name/App-Name Serial Number

Manual Activation

We understand that often production systems are not connected to the internet, so in this case a manual activation is required. Very rarely systems with an internet connection may fail to automatically activate due to firewall issues, so the same procedure should be used.

The manual activation process involves two computers - computer A (where the software is installed ) and computer B (has internet access).

Follow the above steps to enter the serial number on computer A. The application will be unable to find an internet connection and will display the following window:

How to activate - screenshot 2

NOTE: EDL Mirror only will previously display an additional window asking for permission to connect to the internet. Even though you know this is not possible, it is crucial that the Continue button is clicked in order to complete the manual activation process.

Choose the second option - "Activate using a different computer that has web access".
Click the Next button and the following screen will be displayed.

How to activate - screenshot 3

If you wish, you can save the web address and Installation ID to a text file.
Open a web browser on computer B, and enter "" as the address.

How to activate - screenshot 4

Enter the Installation ID and click the Submit button.
Make a note of the Activation Key returned by the server.
Back on computer A, click the Next button and enter your Activation Key in the following window.

How to activate - screenshot 5

Click the Activate button and the application's splash screen should be displayed.

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