How to automate the replacement of DH_Subtitle trial version clips with the full version

If you have a large number of subtitles already entered using the trial version of DH_Subtitle, there is a possible way to automate the replacement process through XML export/import -

  1. In the Browser, duplicate the sequence that has the subtitles and rename it - "subtitles only"
  2. In the "subtitles only" sequence, delete all clips that aren't subtitles
  3. Export the "subtitles only" sequence to XML
  4. Open the exported XML file into TextEdit (or other basic text editor)
  5. Press Command-F and in the Find/Replace window, enter "DH_Subtitle 2.5.1 Trial" in the 'Find' field and "DH_Subtitle 2.5.1" in the 'Replace with' field.
  6. Click the Replace All button
  7. Save the XML file
  8. Import the XML into Final Cut Pro and you'll get a sequence which uses the full version of the plug-in rather than the trial version. Replace your original subtitles with the new versions.


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