FCPX & Motion 5

DH_SubtitleX is the easy way to create boxed subtitles in Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5. A range of comprehensive controls including tracking, leading, shadow and outline ensures your subtitles will look the best they can.

Spherico's X-Title Importer (version 1.8 or later) now supports DH_SubtitleX for fast and easy creation of subtitles from industry-standard formats.



  • “I have been using Final Cut Pro for twelve years, and during that period. I have produced twenty-six DVDs about art and life in Africa. Because the people in my movies speak only African languages, I need to use lots and lots of subtitles. For the first ten years doing the subtitles on Final Cut Pro was extremely laborious. Then Digital Heaven produced their subtitle plug-in for Final Cut Pro 7. That was enormously helpful and speeded up my post production time significantly. Having switched to Final Cut Pro X, I am extremely pleased that Digital Heaven has produced a good plug-in that is flexible, powerful, and easy to use for making subtitles.

    Christopher Roy
    Professor of the History of Art, The University of Iowa


Features include:

- Choice of 255 standard Mac fonts.*
- Horizontal and Vertical alignment.
- Text tracking and leading.
- Text automatically wraps to adjustable width.
- Optional shadow or outline on text.
- Box width fits each line or fits longest line.
- Adjustable box width and height.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: DH_SubtitleX uses a fixed list of standard fonts which are installed by default with OS X 10.6 and later. Custom installed fonts will not be usable by DH_SubtitleX.

Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6 (or later) or Motion 5.0 (or later)

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