DH_Subtitle is a Final Cut plug-in dedicated to creating professional looking open subtitles.

New in version 2.5: Automatic line wrapping and setting of metadata for subtitle type and language.



  • "I have subtitled three feature length documentaries this year. The first two I used FCP's built-in generators. Elapsed time: 4-5 days each. The last one I did with DH_Subtitle. With its smarter, cleaner, more intuitive interface and the background housekeeping looking after stuff for me it took 2 days. No kidding. And they were a pleasant, leisurely, (fairly) stress free couple of days.

    DH_Subtitle is a dream!"

    Peter Dominic Ryan
    Paddington, Australia


Thinking Inside the Box

DH_Subtitle automatically creates the box around the current text and subtitles remain automatically aligned to the baseline regardless of how many lines of text there are.

Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro (4.0 - 7.0.3) or Final Cut Express (2.0 and later)

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