Remember the days when an LCD was something you wore on your wrist, plasma was something you heard about in chemistry class and TVs didn't have standby modes? Yes the time has come to turn back the clock with DH_RetroTV.



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Couch Potatoes

DH_RetroTV is effectively three plug-ins in one. It has a Switch On mode where the image appears from black with optional picture rolling. The Channel Change mode is designed to be used between two clips and features controls for the amount of Wiggling and Noise. Finally there's a Switch Off mode which reduces the image to a white dot.

The fun doesn't end there though because DH_RetroTV comes complete with five specially created and royalty free sound effects including mechanical on/off switches and channel changes.

Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro (4.0 - 7.0.3) or Final Cut Express (2.0 and later)

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