Dropouts from Beta SP or other analogue formats can be impossible to fix without the right tool. DH_Dropout is the original analogue dropout correction plug-in for Final Cut and still the most sophisticated on any platform.



  • "As well as many other plug-ins, these folks make editing tools that make my life easier and helps me become more creative. Thanks so much."


College Dropout

DH_Dropout tackles correction of even the trickiest dropouts in its stride. The damaged area of a field is replaced with pixels from an alternative field and comprehensive controls for masking and softness make the fix seamless.

For more complex dropouts, use DH_Dropout's dual field buffers which can be independently scaled, moved and rotated. Adjustable buffer wipe position and softness makes even tricky fixes quicker and easier than ever.

Current Version


System Requirements

Final Cut Pro (4.0 - 7.0.3) or Final Cut Express (2.0 and later)

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