BigTime is a resizable floating timecode display for Final Cut Pro (v5, 6 and 7). An indispensable tool for client viewings (and ex-Avid editors). No more squinting required!

New in BigTime 2.x

  • - BigTime's floating timecode display is now a HUD (head-up display) window.
  • - Additional DCDP overlay feature means you can now view timecode over the Digital Cinema Desktop Preview display.
  • - Ability to automatically launch and quit along with Final Cut Pro.
  • - Remembers control surface settings in Final Cut Pro after initial setup.
  • - New preferences allow comprehensive customisation of both the HUD window and the DCDP overlay display.
  • - Requires Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or later.

Please note that due to Final Cut Pro limitations, BigTime only displays timecode from the Viewer or Canvas and not when capturing clips, printing to video or editing to tape. In addition only one control surface type may be active at a time, so BigTime cannot be used simultaneously with Euphonix devices.



  • "BigTime and DH_Subtitle are easy to install and use and are elegant, time-saving additions to our FCP arsenal - brilliant!"

    Mark Slocombe
    CreationVideo Ltd


The bigger picture

BigTime's main HUD window can be freely resized and moved anywhere on screen giving you maximum flexibility within your workspace. You can enable or disable frames in the timecode display and can even customise the appearance of the window to make it stand out just the way you want.

Over the top

Digital Cinema Desktop Preview is a useful feature within Final Cut Pro for seeing the Viewer or Canvas output full screen. BigTime now offers the ability to view a customisable timecode overlay on this display, a feature not available within Final Cut Pro until now.

New tricks

BigTime can now automatically launch and quit alongside Final Cut Pro and retains its timecode connection after initial set up. New preferences offer comprehensive customisation of both the HUD window and the DCDP overlay. These include the ability to set opacity, text color, background color, position, and a choice of two different text styles for each display.

Try BigTime for yourself

You're just minutes away from the premium timecode viewing experience within Final Cut Pro. Download BigTime now and try all the features with the time-limited trial. You can purchase at any time, either from within the application or from our web store on this site.

Current Version


System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (or later)
Final Cut Pro 5.0 - 7.0.3
BigTime uses Final Cut Pro's support (v5 or later) for MIDI control surfaces. A MIDI interface is not required to use BigTime on its own.

If you already use a MIDI control surface with Final Cut Pro, then it is possible to add BigTime to your setup using a free 3rd party utility as detailed in the manual.

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