AutoMotion is a groundbreaking application that automates the production and management of multiple graphics in conjunction with Motion 4.




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Who Needs AutoMotion?

If you're a designer or editor who spends a lot of time creating multiple graphics based on templates then AutoMotion is for you. Traditionally, creating multiple graphics has involved manually changing the text contents in Motion and saving each version to a separate file. AutoMotion radically accelerates this task by merging text data with Motion templates to create multiple versions in seconds.

Put Your Foot Down

AutoMotion is fast. Very fast. Hundreds of graphics can be exported in just seconds. That certainly beats hammering away on a keyboard and hitting Save every now and again.

Live Preview

Saving time is only beneficial if you can be confident in the results. AutoMotion includes a live preview of each version (with title safe overlays) that updates automatically as changes are made so you’re never working blind.

Comprehensive Version Management

Automated creation of graphics is only half the story. AutoMotion really starts to shine after the exported graphics have been placed in a Final Cut Pro sequence. Need to change the font or text colour across 30 different captions? No problem. Any version now changed in AutoMotion will be flagged and our Smart Export feature will only export those versions which have changed. Back in FCP, after a simple reconnect the graphics are updated without changing their timing in the sequence.

The Perfect Partner

The beauty of AutoMotion is that the exported versions can be as simple or as complex as the Motion template they are based on. The only thing AutoMotion changes is the contents of the text objects. All the stuff that Motion is great at like text animation, particle effects and organic backgrounds stay exactly as they were in the original template. Regardless of your level of Motion expertise, if you frequently need to create multiple graphics, you’ll get immediate benefits from AutoMotion.

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System Requirements

Apple Motion 2.01 - 4.0.3

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